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The Campbell Academy Year Implant Course 2017 - Features and Benefits

The Campbell Academy Year Implant Course 2017 - Features and Benefits


In May we launched the 2017 Year Implant Course. I guess it’s interesting that we get the opportunity to talk about ‘features and benefits’ which is real sales talk in an Alec Baldwin style. I guess though, if you want a list of features and benefits they are here and if you want to talk to us then our details are below.

What the course is:

1. A high quality introduction to straightforward implant dentistry provided by people with a passion for education.

2. An interactive, fluid, movable programme which responds to the needs of individuals to let them reach their greatest potential after one year.

3. A course which encourages online collaboration and discussion between delegates in between course modules to learn as much as possible.

4. A course which is heaped full of hands on and practical elements to get you better at basic surgical skills and into implant placement as soon as possible.

5. A course which is inextricably linked to mentoring and has a long term view of the five years it takes to become a fifty implants per year practitioner.

6. A course which is linked into a programme of more advanced courses afterwards, a mentoring scheme and contact with a group of people who want you to be better at implant dentistry and want you to provide ethical, honest, high quality implant dentistry for your patients.

7. The course is 12 days of lectures, discussion, practicals, thought provoking interaction, live hands on surgery on patients prepared by you and us and demonstrations.


What the course isn’t:

1. It’s not quick.

2. It’s not cheap.

3. It doesn’t tell you that after one year you will be able to place as many implants as you want on as many people as you want safely without any difficulties.

4. It’s not stack ‘em high and price ‘em low – it’s restricted to twelve people.

5. It’s not one guy talking at you all the time; it’s a host of individual high quality lecturers with different perspectives.

6. It’s not multi system, it’s based around the Straumann Dental Implant System. We strongly believe that if we teach you more than one system it may confuse you and you may have difficulty picking things up.

7. It’s not in London.




For more information please contact:

0115 9823 919

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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