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Crystal balls

Crystal balls

Welcome to the new world then 



Have you cancelled your Direct Debit?




Load your quill pen. Cancel your Direct debit and write a cheque for £890 :  for the GDC need your money in order for Mr “What is Regulation?” Moyes to stay at his club and for the GDC to employ dodgy research consultants while FtP is used for speeding dentists.   


Maybe in contrast the steel gonads of the BDA, our illustrious GDC Chairman is actually somewhat more crystalline in his nether regions?  At the recent Parliamentary Committee, his refusal to answer a BDA question was both intensely and deliberately discourteous. Mr Moyes' actions also revealed him to be far from the man of steel that is Dr Armstong.



So what does 2015 hold for us all financially?



In addition to the GDC tax what about £3500 for medico legal protection as a full time GDP ?


About half the CQC regulatory fee, pro rata across the profession so that is about say £300 if you take a finger in the air at the per chair sliding scale of cost. 


You had better join the FGDP and read these documents the FtP Panels seem to think detail the clinical standard against which you will be judged. That will be £315 then. 


Let’s assume you do wish to support your professional association -  and they are now subtly steering you to the £795 membership.


No doubt a couple of essential interest groups will attract your attention – this is the membership you want to maintain -  - let’s tack in £600 per annum.


Now you have to undertake CPD and you decide to go to days at which you can rinse £200- £400 per day. 15 hours of verifiable per year equates to 3 days in reality. Let’s budget £600. 


So that’s about £7000 per year per dentist to go to work, before you start running the business.  10% of your income now goes out on the basics just to kick the door open at the office 



Review your fees ... NOW!



A sobering thought matched only by the reality that in 2015, your fees need careful review. 


And if you cannot review your fees because you work with a third party provider with a fixed system of remuneration, and a climate of remuneration clouded by austerity, you may wish to review that arrangement. 



In these circumstances, the GDC hit of £300 is a simple pay cut. 


As my kids say, get over it… 


Me ...I'd rather get even and my memory is suitably long. 


Watch out Mr Moyes. The profession is angry and none of your Chief Executive's banale platitudes will wash that away.



Sterling Dental Group and “Bobby’s Walk Full Circl...
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