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Sincro™️ Syringe: An Introduction.

The SINCROTM is presented as a multi-part device

Hambley Trading Limited are looking to supply dental professionals, experienced in the delivery of local anaesthesia to patients, example prototypes of the SINCROTM system for them to examine and assess and compare with their current choice of syringe delivery device.

A questionnaire relating to the handling characteristics may be completed and returned electronically which will entitle the respondent to a FREE box of SINCROTM [50 syringes] after the device is launched into the UK dental market.

For a limited number of early respondents there is also the chance to be awarded a £25 Amazon gift voucher, so get your response in quickly.


The SINCROTM syringe system, a single use LA cartridge syringe, was conceived and designed by a dentist, who experienced the drawbacks inherent in the use of metal syringes. The SINCROTM system addresses these and other compromises still required of professionals using other single use LA delivery systems.

The design of the current prototype has resulted from the evolution of the original design, through various iterations, following feedback from dental professionals, and we are now seeking to ensure that our vision matches the everyday needs of the dental profession and fits within the usual working protocols for the delivery of local anaesthesia and the subsequent disposal of the devices used.

The SINCROTM is presented as a multi-part device, as above, with a plunger, [in Blue on the drawing], a Syringe barrel and a Mini Sharps Container or MSC [in Yellow on the drawing].

The SINCROTM device is the only current syringe presentation to allow single handed use of all safety features and meet all current ISO and EU Sharps regulations.

The syringe will accept the use of any brand of imperial thread needle, allowing the user to choose their preferred needle. Cartridges of 2.2ml, 1.8ml or 1.7ml can be used, so there is no need for multiple syringe versions to be sorted through whenever differing cartridge types are selected.

Inherent in the design is a means of repeatable, metered, low-pressure, aspiration automatically activated simply by ceasing to maintain forward pressure on the plunger rod. Aspiration will occur anytime pressure is eased and does not require pull back of the plunger, so there is no concern about moving the needle point during the process of aspiration. The low-pressure system avoids the possibility of drawing the surface of a blood vessel across the point of the needle resulting in a false negative aspiration result.

The MSC acts as a safety container and avoids the need for re-sheathing

Whenever a pause in the treatment is required, e.g to replace a cartridge, the syringe is presented to the MSC and “clicked down” which then links the parts and encases the needle tip, to prevent cross-infection from spatter or ooze, or needle stick injury to staff, as the MSC is fully enclosed.
The MSC acts as a safety container and avoids the need for re-sheathing.
Simply pushing the MSC forward will release the devices for subsequent use on the same patient.

Once the patient’s treatment is completed then the MSC can be “clicked” together again, the linked devices moved into a vertical position and, by pressing down on the syringe finger grips, the safety locking and needle disablement feature will trigger to ensure all fluids are retained and the needle point is secured within the MSC.

Plunger and cartridges can be separated for appropriate disposal

Plunger and cartridges can then be separated for appropriate disposal.

The small size of the SINCROTM means that it is easy to control and use the plunger, without stretching, and also that the device can be disposed of within a standard sharps bin, reducing costs.

To register as an evaluator please follow this link

When will the SINCRO be available?

Hambley Trading Limited are in the process of sourcing funds to enable the purchasing of production moulds and generating the initial batches of production, ideally to make the SINCRO available before year end.

For anyone wishing to consider this as an investment opportunity more details can be supplied by making your interest known to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who have been retained by Hambley Trading Limited Trading Limited to meet the UK legal requirements related to fundraising.

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