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Part 4. Creative Opportunities

Part 4. Creative Opportunities

Your ability to target goes beyond reaching just your target audience. Online also offers advertisers a limitless creative canvas.

For some reason, there is a common misconception that online ads are of poor quality, when in fact digital advertising provides the opportunity to be highly engaging with video and other rich media. Using flash and in-banner video ads can increase brand recognition and highlight your competitive edge. In the instance, when one of your ads is under-performing  A/B test your copy, your image, your headline and serve ads that are as dynamic as the online space in which they are living. A well-designed banner ad can turn your digital campaign from good to great.

At the beginning banners were extremely basic but now the digital landscape is incredibly clever and innovative. Below is a link to some amazing online campaigns from the last year or so. Some of the designs and creativity on show is breathtaking and shows how clever a banner ad can be made, which certainly helps to catch the attention of your target audience.

This Audi banner ad is fun and engaging -

Or a GSK one which will remind you of your party days! -

The full list can be found here.

Plenty of information from Google about creating compelling content here.

Thanks for reading. I hope this has got you thinking of the possibilities for your next marketing campaign.....

Part 3 of the series on Targeting can be found here.

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