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Part 3. Targeting

Part 3. Targeting

As a marketer, do you know the profile of the perfect customer for your business?
Of course you do :)

Online advertising gives you the ability to target and retarget the ideal prospects you identify for your business.

When advertising online, you will choose a website or community where you believe that your perfect customer will be a user or reader. Online ads reduce the chances of advertising to the wrong group of people, thus wasting your budget and time. This means that your campaign can be targeted at your perfect customer and help you reach your desired target audience.

When it comes to social media advertising, retargeting will serve ads based on prior engagement, enabling you to identify your ideal customer profile. Once you know what your customers look like, you will know just who to target and where to find all similar users online, making sure they too are being served your ads. You can focus on customers based on their geographic location, gender, age, behaviour patterns on social media and special interests.

This means that when for example you want to attract women to your latest endodontic course, you have the ability to target a population as specific as women, age 40-65, who have endodontics listed as their profession or an interest. This will help to make your campaign extremely targeted and hopefully successful.

The ability to target your perfect customer, whether through a specific special interest website or through social media, gives you a whole variety of advertising options that have never been possible before. Popular options include display, search, email marketing and affiliate marketing. This gives advertisers the chance to communicate with the audience they want to target, using the right technique, whatever their particular objectives are for that campaign.

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