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Take Dead Aim

Take Dead Aim


With it being Masters week, I thought it would be the perfect excuse to use a golf analogy for my current blog!


Little Red Golf Book by Harvey Penick is one of the most influential golf instruction books of all time. The book has a number of short and quick messages for the reader to understand and digest easily which are centred around Harvey’s learning and observations after a lifetime in the golf world. A chapter that I have always remembered can be found on P.45 titled “Take Dead Aim”. Harvey says he tells his students to take dead aim, “Shut out all thoughts other than picking out a target and take dead aim at it.” As an avid golfer, it is a great piece of instruction which is simple and works! I believe it can actually be applied to all walks of life.

In all areas of business we are given targets or we are looking to reach target audiences and we usually need to focus our thoughts or energies on these targets.

Reaching a target audience is now the cornerstone of all successful marketing whether we are using social media, the adverts during Coronation Street or a professional network to get a message across. Whatever area we are looking to reach, we want to reach our target audience and if we can take “dead aim” it works even better.

Reaching work targets also shares similarities, as long as the targets are realistic, you have to take dead aim and focus on reaching those goals. Focussing on the small targets then leads to the bigger prize in the end.

In life we also need to identify our target and then aim for it.  It is good to set specific goals and avoid the distractions. If we are distracted by too many goals or by short term projects and lesser opportunities, we will probably not achieve the important long-term goals that we should all set for ourselves

Are you taking dead aim?

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What else does Harvey do so well to get his message across in this book that has sold millions of copies…… he always shares a story in each chapter! This makes the audience relate to the chapter and remember the piece of wisdom in the book. This shows the immense power of telling a story. That thought can be discussed another day :)


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