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Have you embraced Native Advertising?

Have you embraced Native Advertising?


So what is Native Advertising?

Native advertising is a type of advertising, primarily found online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. Most of the time is is produced as an article or a video, created  by an advertiser with the specific intent to promote a product, while matching the form and style which would otherwise be seen in the work of the platform's editorial staff.

Native advertising is the next stage of content marketing. It is a great way to promote the content that brands are creating and an innovative way to reach their target audience where they congregate but in a way that is not seen as being overly intrusive.


Why does Native Advertising work?

  • It works for businesses whether small or large in their market.

  • Brands always have content to share and native advertising provides them a way to do this, while also monitoring the results of what works and what doesn’t.

  • Native advertising works very well in a mobile format. Whether it's a text link, hosted editorial or promoted video, because native content sits in the main part of the site, it is often seen as the same as any other content viewed via mobile.

  • Leads to greater innovations, brands don’t have as many limitations as traditional advertising. Anything that is innovative and different is sure to attract your target audience.

  • Native ads work best when placed on social media platforms and news focused websites. Site like these (like gdpuk) are built around content, so exciting native ads will attract attention.


Where can we see examples of Native Advertising?

Below are a few examples of native advertising, I have found by utilising google. I have included examples from buzzfeed because it turns out a lot of their content is actually native advertising! From $4 million of revenue in 2011, they were expected to reach close to $100 million of revenue by the end of 2015, primarily from native advertising articles!

  1. Netflix on -

  2. Nike on SB Nation -

  3. Cancer Research UK on Buzzfeed -

  4. Spotify on Buzzfeed -

  5. Call of Duty on Buzzfeed -



As we can see in the examples I have randomly chosen, brands have been thinking of some great ways to interact with consumers without appearing overly intrusive. What do you think? Do you spot native ads?

Can this form of advertising be applied to the dental market? GDPUK has recently launched an option available to all potential clients, to do product reviews which gets you interacting with the dental community and getting your brand sampled or tested by our users.

Native advertising could be implemented into GDPUK in a number of ways such as a news story, a regular blog or even a forum post that gets the users engaged. Please get in touch if you have any ideas or methods you would like to try. We are open to suggestions and want to help you get the best experience you can from GDPUK.

Look forward to hearing from you. Contact details below.

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