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Moving Centres of Influence in Ortho

Moving Centres of Influence in Ortho



Those of you who are still ave dwelling after the wettest winter on record may have missed the strong discussions on GDPUK regarding a US development in Fixed Orthodontic mechanics.

Wake up at the back ….  Ortho fills diaries …  You might say it whets your appetite as opposed to your gardens.

There is a fascinating shift occurring in Orthodontic practice in UK Dental Practice.

For much of the profession, ortho remains the remit of a local specialist.  For a significant cadre however, the skills and learning required are well within the grasp of a competent GDP. Indeed many specialists with a teaching bent are want to publicly encourage us GDPs to take up the baton in a responsible and measured manner.


But …

There appears to be a rapidly strengthening sense of threat.

The specialists are feeling threatened by the GDPs marching across their patch, and the not-long-past British Orthodontic Society advert in a national broadsheet ruffled more than a few feathers. The GDPs are thinking this can’t be all that difficult and are starting to strut their stuff on this fertile ground for business – after all, every year another cohort of young patients pop into your sights.

So how interesting it is, then, to observe on one side of the vested interest fence we have Dr Viazis and the Fastbraces® brand becoming the torch of vocal GDP protagonists, to the evident irritation of many.

On the other side of ethical glass screen see how Align Technologies & Invisalign® are quietly starting to insert themselves into the postgraduate teaching programmes, in  manner of poacher-turned-gamekeeper,  and are now part of 7 centres in the UK


Influence, Sir? That'll cost you ...


We have always known that money buys influence. How you use that money determines how effective your influence might be.

Orthodontics appears to be a good example of the same desire to apply money and buy influence having opposite effects from differing companies.

As a GDP, if you are doing ortho, it’s Caveat Emptor.  Dark forces of corruption lurk, seeking to separate you from your money and are not far beneath the surface.

Cynical? Qui , moi?

“Come along there, move along please, another QuickBuck will be along in a minute.”


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