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Get the best value for your money - for dental associates



As self-employed earners, it can be said that associate dentists appreciate the value of money a little more than the salaried employee.


Since you have the capacity to increase earnings the more effort you put in, you naturally see and feel your own value, which in turn can be applied to your life choices. Whether it be for essentials such as weekly shopping or any luxury purchases, value is at the top of the list of your priorities.


Now, you can easily get the value you seek in everything else from your accountancy and tax solution of choice.


figurit is a specialist tax solution created exclusively for dental associates. With this new online system, you can easily have your tax returns filed and your business transactions reviewed by experts. And figurit not only completely understand all of your specific tax needs, you receive a good number of benefits for the fees you pay as well.


figurit provide the following as a one-off exercise when you join, among many other benefits:

  • A full review of your previous year’s tax return
  • Thorough assessments for any missed tax saving opportunities
  • Assistance with setting up your own business bank account (if you don’t already have one)
  • A 30-minute personal induction onto the Year 1 Customer Care Program


The low monthly fees include the preparation of your annual profit and loss and tax return in the required format, and secure online access to your financial documents and files. All returns are completed within four weeks, so as long as you supply the information needed in good time, you don’t have to worry about ever filing your taxes late.


The whole package also offers an array of additional annual benefits valued in the excess of £400 a year, all of which you get absolutely free. These include:

  • Insurance that protects you against the costs of any HMRC investigations
  • An interim tax estimate and planning review
  • Easy-to-use online bookkeeping software for more accurate financial records


The figurit team also has helpful account managers who deal with the HMRC on your behalf, taking the hassle away from you. And the package offers an annual consultation with an expert financial advisor who can provide guidance on pensions and investment opportunities for those who are interested.


Because they’ve been servicing the dental trade for quite a while now, the team behind figurit can also provide specialist knowledge such as a full and comprehensive list of what you can and cannot claim as business expenses, and how to record these accurately so you end up with maximum tax savings.


As the only accountancy and tax package exclusively for dental associates that provides this much in added benefits, you can count on figurit to make your financial life not only easier but also more profitable. Now that’s true value for your money.



For more information on our specialist accountancy and tax package

exclusively for dental associates, visit www.figurit.co.uk


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