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Equipping UK dentistry - Christopher Cox A-dec

Equipping UK dentistry  - Christopher Cox A-dec

With over one thousand students enrolling in the UK’s dental schools last year, it is vitally important that each and every one of them receives quality training from the very moment they begin their education. After all, it is they who will be responsible for the future of dentistry – a future which, it must be said, is looking ever more challenging.

With an ageing population, the needs of patients are changing, placing new pressures on dental professionals that must be addressed from the very beginning of their careers. This can then be juxtaposed against the shifting needs of dental professionals themselves, prompted, in part, by an increasing understanding of the ergonomic requirements of dentistry.

Having access to the latest technology and equipment is particularly important, after all this reflects the direction in which dentistry is going. For young dental students, it sets an early precedent which may be continued throughout the rest of their career – and this is why so many of the UK’s dental schools are choosing A-dec equipment.

Designed to meet the challenges of modern dentistry, A-dec dental units are renowned for both their reliability and functionality. With years of testing and retesting invested into their creation, each product is devised to provide practitioners with precisely what they need to practice excellent dentistry. Whether it’s ease of maintenance, cost efficiency, the capability of integrating necessary ancillaries or providing an ergonomic workplace solution, A-dec chairs are developed with a keen understanding of what practitioners need and want from their dental equipment. 

With high quality equipment available to train on, dental students are more likely to learn to practise in a way that greatly benefits both themselves and their patients. With A-dec stools and dental chairs, for example, students will be able to acquire the correct working posture early on, meaning that the risk of developing musculoskeletal disorders later in their careers will be mitigated.

Fully committed to ensuring that the next generation of UK dentists have the very best start in their careers, A-dec works closely with the country’s best training facilities, providing quality equipment on which students can perfect their skills. A-dec UK has worked closely with the majority of UK dental schools and has installed literally thousands of dental units and training simulators across the country.

Aiming to provide support to the dental community at all stages, A-dec is also proud to work alongside some of the biggest and most celebrated dental hospitals in the country. The team has, in the last several years, installed over a thousand dental chairs (the majority being the premier A-dec 500 model) into many dental hospitals across the UK and Ireland, including Birmingham Dental Hospital, the Royal London Dental Hospital, Bristol Dental Hospital, the Peninsula Dental Hospital and the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital.

The quality of the services provided in these facilities necessitates the use of nothing but the most reliable and multi-functional equipment available – which makes A-dec the perfect choice. The A-dec 500 is one of the most cutting-edge dental chairs on the UK market, boasting a design that meets the challenges of modern dentistry – in all scenarios. With optimum ergonomics, excellent mobility and access, reliable internal mechanisms and the clinical adaptability, the A-dec 500 is changing the way in which the UK’s dental hospitals have been treating patients.

In addition to the provision of exceptional equipment, A-dec also offers each of its institutional partners unparalleled support. With a keen understanding of how important each and every piece of equipment in any of these facilities is, the A-dec support team is available to support and advise with any query.

Led by Christopher Cox, A-dec’s Sales and Marketing Manager, the team provides unwavering assistance from the very beginning of an installation project, including design and fitting, to continuing maintenance and engineer support. Christopher says: “I’m very proud of the work undertaken by A-dec in the UK’s dental hospitals and schools and look forward to continuing to support their success.”

With so many fantastic institutions now recognising the benefits of A-dec equipment, it must be remembered that A-dec offers the same exceptional products and support to independent dental practices. Simply contact the team to find out precisely how they could help you.


For more information about A-dec Dental UK Ltd, visit

www.a-dec.co.uk or call on 0800 2332 85





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