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The Real Thing


Many great products and ideas are copied or counterfeited, but your patients need to be protected from fake products in order to avoid poorly made and uncomfortable appliances.


IAS Academy, providers of genuine anterior alignment orthodontic devices, are helping to put a stop to this – all Inman Aligners will now be supplied with a “Genuine Inman Aligner Authentication Card”.


Each time you fit an Inman Aligner you will be able to give your patient an authentication card so that they can enjoy increased reassurance. Patients can then enter their unique identifier code at the Inman Aligner website to ensure that they have received a genuine appliance.


All devices are fabricated at a certified Inman Aligner laboratory, with laser etched tubing on the tongue side of the appliance featuring the name Inman Aligner. They are also supplied in a presentation box with patient instructions and a custom appliance case to ensure the best possible results.


Make sure your patients are receiving ‘the real thing’ and only accept the best.


For more information on IAS Academy, providers of genuine anterior alignment orthodontic devices please visit  www.iasortho.com or phone 0845 366 5477

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