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Making your Vision a Reality - Stuart Clark

Making your Vision a Reality - Stuart Clark

When undertaking a building project to create a new surgery or practice, the excitement can quickly dissolve into dismay, as the true extent of elements needing consideration come to the fore. Regulations, branding, accessibility, finances; they are just a few of the factors that need to be decided upon. Your true expertise lies within the clinical arena, treating patients, and so it is worthwhile approaching the professionals in the field of design and building of dental surgeries and practices.

Rules, Regulations and Requirements

The minefield of regulations to adhere to can be overwhelming and trip you at the first hurdle. There are requirements to ensure you adhere to stringent clinical welfare needs, such as with cross infection control to keep your patients and staff safe. HTM01-05 is updated periodically so it is best to consult with experts to ensure you follow the latest mandates and are therefore compliant. 

Then there are the non-clinical rules that must be obeyed; especially pertinent if you are considering building a new dental practice. Planning permission can become a necessity depending on your level of development, and this can be time consuming and needs to be applied for via a particular route. There are other building related regulations too. Many dental practices are located in beautiful historic houses, and so the listed building status needs to be assessed to see if relevant.

Design and Branding

Another essential consideration is the design and branding of your practice. As a dentist, you will have a keen eye for detail but are perhaps more used to working at a microscopic level. From the building layout to the dental units used in surgeries it is crucial that every aspect of the practice conforms to a clear notion of what you have to offer, however this can require a lot of time to plan and implement successfully. Working with a reputable design company that utilises the latest technology and has experience in implementing dental surgeries will help you to achieve a practice that has a consistent aesthetic and unifying brand message.

Experts in this field can work with you to understand what your practice’s vision is and how you want your services to be conveyed to existing customers. They can also advise on how to create branding that will attract new patients. Your practice says a lot about you and so you need to get this right to encourage patients to attend.

Motivated Workforce

It’s not just your patients that may need encouragement; you will need to spend as much time ensuring your staff and colleagues have a comfortable environment to work in. It is remarkable, how when people operate in a new, clean and pristine setting it motivates them to work even harder. They feel the need to exude the same level of competency as their environment conveys. It is not only the aesthetics that can be motivating but also the facilities available to members of the team. The staff room can therefore be as important a consideration in the building of a new practice as a surgery, and should be carefully thought through.

Further still, there is the health and safety of your workforce. “Ergonomically friendly” is a term used frequently when discussing a new surgery set-up. A new build project is the ideal chance to maximise the latest technology and design concepts to ensure your team work in the most healthy and comfortable way.


The final consideration to discuss is probably the most important to you: the patient. If you are an existing practice that is refurbishing a surgery or even the whole building, you need to ensure there is minimum patient disruption. Good communications with patients and keeping them informed of the progress of the project will help put their minds at ease and further engage their interest in the practice. If you are unable to proceed with their treatment due to the building work, then alternative arrangements need to be made.

The new surgery and practice should ensure accessibility for all patients and create a comfortable, peaceful environment, especially for those that are more nervous of a dental visit. The décor and design can assist with this, such as the colours used, and the layout of surgeries to the waiting room.

With you all the way

There is so much to contemplate when embarking on a new practice, new surgery, rebuild or redesign that it’s impossible to know where to begin. By turning to the experts at Clark Dental you will have a bespoke design and build solution tailored to your specific needs. They help take care of every aspect; from that initial discussion right through to completion, when you open your new door ready for the first patient to walk through.


For more information call Clark Dental on 01268 733 146, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.clarkdental.co.uk


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