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Aim to stand out in the BACD Eposter Presentation

Aim to stand out in the BACD Eposter Presentation

According to research, humans can process visual information around 60,000 times faster than text.[1] As such, the use of graphics and photos in presentations or posters can be an incredibly effective tool with which to deliver information to your audience.


This does not mean that text is superfluous. It is vital to provide context and deepen the explanation for the visual aids you decide to use. Nevertheless, text must be used sparingly. Long, compact paragraphs of it can be difficult to penetrate – especially from the distance at which most presentations or posters will be viewed. Text needs to be read and its meaning digested, and this takes time. Instead, consider using listed points and shorter sentences to expedite the process.


The type of font you use is also crucial. Avoid script-like fonts, no matter how attractive they may look. Serif fonts are far easier for the human eye to process and by using them, you can maximise the ease with which your audience can assimilate your written information.


You must also consider the colour of your font and of the background upon which you will display it. If poorly chosen, text can be difficult to read and will, most likely, be ignored. For example, harmonious colours like blues and greens are far more difficult to distinguish from one another so try to avoid using them together. Complimentary colours, on the other hand, are far clearer – yellows and purples, for example – but tend to seem a little garish and childlike. In most cases, light backgrounds and dark text work best together. They may be less striking but are, overall, the most effective. What’s more, when they are juxtaposed with good visual components, they can be unassumingly aesthetic.    


Therefore, you must also carefully choose your graphics or photos. Not only must they be eye-catching on their own, they must also compliment your text. Ensure that any photos are of high enough quality to be scaled up to a big screen if necessary. Pixelated images are simply awful to look at, as are those that are excessively blurred or out of focus.


Importantly, each image or graphic must earn its place. Unnecessary pictures undermine an otherwise effective presentation or poster, as do those that are not succinctly linked to the information you are giving. Remember to include figure numbers for each image to anchor them to your text; this way your audience will know exactly where they are required to look, and why.


Graphs and charts are similarly indispensible for conveying large amounts of data easily. Like your other images though, they must always be relevant. They must also be well labelled and easy to understand and, often, simplicity is the best way of achieving this. 


Less is more is almost certainly the way to create a concise, clear and stylish presentation or poster. Avoid crowded text and irrelevant material, garish or harmonious colours. By displaying your information in a way that is easier for your audience to understand, the more they will be able to process and remember.


These are exactly the types of considerations that entrants must keep in mind for the BACD’s inaugural Eposter Presentation. Calling on dentists who are no more than three years graduated, the Academy is excited to showcase some of the most progressive thinking in the industry through this presentation.


All accepted posters will be evaluated by an experienced committee comprised of Dr Anoop Maini, President of the BACD; Dr Donald Sloss, Chair of the BACD Credentialing Committee and Dr Simon Chard, Chair of the BACD Young Membership Committee.


They will be looking for posters that are clear, eye-catching and informative – and that concisely present a diverse range of research and clinical innovation.


The winners will be announced on the evening of Friday 13th November, during the BACD Gala Dinner, where they will receive a variety of fantastic prizes including one year’s BACD membership and complimentary registration to next year’s Annual Conference.  


All submissions must be uploaded to the World Dental Posters website by Friday 2nd October 2015 and entrants will receive notification of their submission no later than the end of that month.


For the opportunity to present some of your own innovative and progressive ideas to a wide and renowned audience, be sure to submit your entry for the BACD Eposter Presentation.


For more information about the BACD Eposter Presentation and for further enquiries about the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, go to www.bacd.com


To upload your completed posters on the World Dental Posters website, go to www.worlddentalposters.com


[1] 3M United States – Articles and Advice: Polishing Your Presentation; link: http://www.3rd-force.org/meetingnetwork/readingroom/meetingguide_pres.html [accessed 09/07/2015]


Definitely not your standard event!

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