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Finding my True Calling An interview with Saul Konviser


While many dental students enter training as soon as they’ve completed their studies at Sixth Form or college, for some, the passion for dentistry isn’t discovered until a little later in life. Saul Konviser is a dental student based in London, and completed both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees before his true calling finally became clear.

“Looking back, I can now see how so many things in my life led me to take this decision,” says Saul. “My Dad is still a practicing Orthodontist, even into his 70’s and has been a major influence in my life. I’ve been very fortunate to grow up watching him enjoy almost every day of his working life, never once complaining that he was tired or bored of it. I think that is very rare these days to be able to find a job you can be happy in for so long and I definitely believe that his passion and enthusiasm for dentistry has filtered through to me, even if it did take me a little longer to realise it.

“So after a quite diverse background in education and work, I’m currently in my third year at King’s (the fourth year of the BDS course) and I’m also still do some part-time PR for the Weizmann Institute. It’s been a busy few years for me as I got married just before starting the course and I’ve now got a 7-month old daughter, but life is very enjoyable and very satisfying. I do believe that I followed the correct paths and I now truly value my position on the BDS course.”

Though life is certainly demanding for Saul, as he prepares to start his final year in September, he’s also been fortunate enough to have some help and support along the way.

“It was very early on during my time at King’s that a fellow student introduced me to Alpha Omega,” says Saul. “I admit I hadn’t heard of them before, but he explained a little bit about the organisation and invited me to come along to one of the lecture evenings.

“The first lecture I attended was presented by Dr Basil Mizrahi. I walked in, really not knowing what to expect – I thought it would just be a simple lecture and maybe a couple of promotional stands, but really, the whole experience was just incredible. I was greeted with a very warm welcome by everyone there. The Chairperson also made a conscious effort to introduce me to other members of the society. Not only was there a lovely reception but the quality of the lecture that followed was just exceptional. I’ve subsequently been to many Alpha Omega lectures since and they are all of an incredibly high standard. For me, as a student, the lecture evenings really are a fantastic addition to what we already have at university, and are a great way to supplement what I’ve been learning. There’s also a great social element with a committee regularly organising events for its members. This is another fantastic way to meet other people within the profession and make new friends.

“From a social, professional and charitable point of view, Alpha Omega has just opened up so many doors for me,” continues Saul. “It’s great to have access to so many professionals in this environment who are all genuinely warm, friendly and welcoming people. I really don’t know many other organisations out there that would offer the same kind of environment, experience and support to its members. I’m incredibly grateful for being introduced to Alpha Omega and am sure that I will remain a member for many years to come!”


For more information on the Alpha Omega London Chapter, visit www.alphaomegauk.co.uk



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