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Work/life balance - Tips to gain an equilibrium | Carestream Dental

Work Life Balance tips by Carestream Dental

If you are combining your role as a clinician and practice owner you will be well aware of the responsibilities you shoulder. Carrying the business risk of the surgery as well as the obligation of managing the premises, staff and equipment involves many hours of hard work, but it is imperative to keep the demands of the job under control.

Often it is necessary to work extra hours to manage the heavy workload or even just to keep the head above water. There are also outside commitments and responsibilities to manage, but it can be exhausting and even counterproductive to try to juggle too many obligations at once. It can be easy to lose perspective on what is important in our lives and feel dissatisfied; therefore, it is vital to maintain a good work-life balance to enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Top tips to gain a balance

  • Take a look at your working hours; try to find a balance that suits your home life with planned holidays and regular days off to relax and enjoy a social life.
  • Participate in an outdoor activity everyday; enjoy the fresh air.
  • Look after your body: eat a regular balanced diet and incorporate some exercise with particular emphasis on stretches or massages to take care of your back.
  • Be realistic about what you can achieve; schedule your appointments generously to prevent stress and unwelcome time pressures.
  • Listen to your colleagues; utilise their wisdom and experience. Even the most practiced clinician can learn from others and it is interesting to explore how another practitioner would approach a scenario.
  • Set aside specific time periods to complete management or administration tasks rather than trying to just grab time between clinical commitments.
  • Take full advantage of systems that make life easier; make the most of helpful technology.


The correct technology can help enormously to manage time and minimise daily stress. For example, scheduling management functions, calendar alerts and reminder applications can help you to remain organised and in control. An internal email or messaging service can also help to keep the practice running smoothly and avoid lengthy meetings that reduce productivity.

Technology that streamlines the workflow is an asset to you and the entire dental team. A reliable practice management system helps the business to run efficiently by quickly and seamlessly delivering up-to-date relevant information for both administration and clinical staff. Carestream Dental offers cutting-edge CS R4+ practice management software that is easy to use, and enables accuracy and efficiency for diagnostics and treatment planning to simplify your working day.

CS R4+ also evaluates your practice performance expediently by providing live data through the innovative Springboard feature, which allows you to monitor the core areas of your business in ‘real time’. This gives you clear, uncomplicated results at any period during the month and, more importantly, at a time that is most convenient for you.

Keeping it real

Efficient planning and organisation can really help to free up time and enable you to participate in the activities you love the most, but make sure you implement a sustainable strategy. After all, there is little point in creating a plan that is unrealistic or increases pressure. As all dental providers know, looking after your patients is imperative but it is also essential to look after your own wellbeing too.


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