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Young DEPPA free for Simplyhealth Professionals members

Young DEPPA free for Simplyhealth Professionals members


Simplyhealth Professionals is offering free access to YDEPPA

Simplyhealth Professionals is offering free access to YDEPPA (Young Denplan PreViser Patient Assessment) as an exclusive benefit to all of its member practices as part of their aim to highlight the importance of preventive dentistry from an early age. Building on the strengths of the well-established DEPPA for adults tool, YDEPPA is an online facility which provides a framework for a holistic oral health assessment of a child. 
The primary benefit of YDEPPA is to support communication with young patients about their oral health and help motivate them to make improvements.   YDEPPA reports offer personalised biofeedback in a patient friendly manner. A RAG (red/amber/green) system of happy or unhappy faces is used to flag the standard of health for each component. YDEPPA focuses on three key areas for oral health: hard tissues, periodontal health and the developing dentition/occlusion. A personalised prevention plan for each patient is also produced, providing clarity for the patient and their parent or carer.
Henry Clover, Chief Dental Officer at Simplyhealth Professionals said: “YDEPPA is a state of the art, practical assessment system, supporting dental teams in assessing the oral health of young patients. The personalised nature of the report, makes it a powerful communication tool to give parents and carers reassurance and it can be used to help motivate young patients to have great oral health for life.  By offering YDEPPA free to our members, we are aiming to make this tool available to as many young patients as possible in the UK through our member practices.”
YDEPPA is very quick to complete, comprising just 14 questions. Reports can be either printed in hard copy and given to patients, or e-mailed to them with consent. YDEPPA reports also help patients to understand how their oral health has changed over time. Being able to view progress or changes over a longer period facilitates reinforcement of appropriate oral health related behaviour and allows clinicians the opportunity to highlight and discuss any new areas of concerns.
Free access to YDEPPA is available to Simplyhealth Professionals members.  DEPPA is available free of charge to Denplan Excel members.  For non-members interested in signing up to YDEPPA, a one month free trial is available for DEPPA which includes YDEPPA and access can subsequently be provided for a monthly fee based on the number of users in the practice. Practices should call 0800 169 9962 for further information. 
YDEPPA protocols were developed using Adult DEPPA, the Oral Health Assessment (OHA) and The Oral Wellbeing Assessments (OWA) as the starting point. Both the OHA and the OWA were developed as part of Denplan Excel for Children. Stephen Fayle, Consultant in Paediatric Dentistry, Leeds, who guided the development of Denplan Excel for Children was a key adviser in the development of YDEPPA, as was Iain Chapple, Professor of Periodontology, University of Birmingham, and Liz Chapple, Managing Director of DEPPA service provider, Oral Health Innovations
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Denplan launches DEPPA upgrade

Denplan launches DEPPA upgrade

Denplan has launched a new upgraded version of The Denplan PreViser Patient Assessment (DEPPA) tool.  DEPPA provides an instantaneous online report showing a patient’s Oral Health Score, alongside giving an evidence-based assessment of a patient's risk of future diseases such as dental caries, periodontal disease, tooth wear and oral cancer.

DEPPA first launched its innovative patient assessment tool in May 2013, marking a pivotal moment in clinical risk assessment, supporting effective communication and truly placing patients and their future oral health at the very centre of effective and preventive care.

Denplan has launched an enhanced version of DEPPA, following valued and valuable input from its Excel dentists. Denplan Excel is an advanced quality assurance programme, developed for dentists to help support clinical governance, professional regulation and excellence in patient care and communication.  The upgraded version of DEPPA will contain three substantial benefits:

  • Firstly, patient data and reports will be stored securely within the DEPPA system.  This means that whilst it is still best practice to save reports to the practice’s management software/clinical records, they can simply be accessed at any time from the DEPPA home page.
  • Secondly, for a patient who has had a previous DEPPA assessment, this can be linked to the current one.  A new third page will appear on these follow up assessments which shows the results of up to two previous assessments, thus increasing patient’s understanding of how their oral health and future risk is changing.
  • And thirdly, the practice analysis reporting has been enhanced.  This enables practices to audit their patients in depth, over any period of their choosing and at anytime.


Commenting on the enhancements to DEPPA, Henry Clover, Deputy Chief Dental Officer at Denplan said:  “We’re extremely proud of how popular the DEPPA tool has become since its launch over two and half years ago – over 50,000 patients have now benefitted from the evidence based tool, which is designed to help improve the patient experience and significantly improve their understanding of their oral health. It is also a valuable clinical decision support tool.

“We value the continued input from our member dentists, which enables DEPPA and our Excel programme as a whole to continue to develop.  The upgrades to DEPPA have been trialled already and we are confident they are straightforward to implement and will significantly enhance the usability of the tool for dentists.”

DEPPA has received  extremely positive feedback from both patients and dentists - 100% of dentists asked agreed that the DEPPA report is a ‘valuable patient communication aid’, while 95% agreed that comprehensive patient assessments, such as DEPPA, are becoming an essential aspect of quality dental care.*

Denplan has produced a simple guide to using the upgrade, for existing users of DEPPA, which is available alongside the main DEPPA manual.  DEPPA remains free to all Excel dentists, whilst non-Excel Denplan members can benefit from unlimited use of the online system for just £90 per month (inc VAT).  For more information about DEPPA or to sign up online, visit

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