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“Demin Mapping”

“Demin Mapping”


The dental profession is in desperate need of minimally invasive methods of caries management – which is precisely where the CALCIVIS imaging system comes in.

Designed to aid first line detection and communication, the CALCIVIS imaging system is an advanced technology that helps practitioners identify and manage dental caries before a restorative approach is even needed.

The CALCIVIS system does this by effectively imaging active demineralisation on the surface of a tooth during its earliest stages. This information, presented in the form of a “demin map” gives dentists the chance to engage and commit patients to bespoke preventive treatments before irreversible damage is done to the teeth.

In this way, restorative or surgical solutions are made redundant, allowing practitioners to successfully conserve their patient’s natural teeth.

Scheduled for a late 2017 launch, the CALCIVIS imaging system is set to revolutionise the way UK dental practitioners manage dental caries.

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