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Castellini for Contentment and Composure

Castellini for Contentment and Composure



Along with your chair side manner and expertise, Castellini can help to put anxious patients at ease.

The stylish Italian design of the Castellini Skema 8 dental unit is conducive to patient composure because it reduces the frightening sights and sounds of the treatment room.

The Skema 8 is a fully integrated treatment centre with instrument and tube modules to keep tools and leads out of the patient’s field of vision. This innovative system also offers fluid movement with silent hydraulic functions and Silent Power turbines to reduce operating noise.

Ideal for both patient and practitioner comfort, the Skema 8 has a pneumatic headrest with a tri-axis pivot to angle the head with minimal fuss. It is also equipped with full multi-media technology to enhance patient communication.

The Skema 8 is available in a choice of fourteen shades to compliment the calming environment of your treatment room. Providing the ultimate in style, efficiency and ergonomics, the Skema 8 makes it possible to keep patients calm and relaxed, while you work in comfort.

To find out how you can turn anxious patients into contented ones, contact Castellini today.



If you require any further information please call 08000 933975
and speak to Castellini UK directly for assistance.

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