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  • Youngdentists must adapt to change

    Young dentists were told by Professor Andrew Eder at a recent seminar that must adapt to ensure they are providing the best care for their patients. He advised them to focus on diversity in their careers, invest in ongoing CPD and training and identify a mentor, to ensure they maintain Read More
  • BDAattacks GDC over its irresponsible’ advertisement

    The British Dental Association (BDA) has responded to news that the General Dental Council (GDC) is to team up with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to combat ‘irresponsible’ advertising. Mick Armstrong said: “The dental regulator has just spent thousands on a campaign that is clearly at odds with its own policy Read More
  • Healthwatchspeaks out about access to dentists

    People all across the country are venting increasing frustration about access to and the quality of NHS dentistry services, according to Healthwatch England. Its chair Anna Bradley said: “Patients are constantly being fed confusing and inaccurate information about who is and isn’t currently offering NHS treatment.” The BDA said that Read More
  • CQCsets out new plans for dental services regulation

    The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published its views on potential changes to the way it regulates primary care dental services in England from 2015 onwards. Professor Steve Field, Chief Inspector of Primary Medical Services, said: “Our priority is to take a more collaborative approach with our partners in order Read More
  • 845increase in cost of compliance shocks NASDAL

    The cost of compliance to the average sole dental practitioner practice has increased by 845% in the last decade according to the National Association of Specialist Dental Accountants and Lawyers (NASDAL). Appalled by the proposed 64% increase in the cost of the General Dental Council’s annual registration fee, a NASDAL Read More
  • SouthernDental chain to be bought out report

    The Daily Telegraph has claimed that Southern Dental is being ‘circled by private equity bidders’. The chain is reported to be close to joining the growing list of British healthcare companies in private equity ownership as a sale of the business nears. CapVest and Graphite are competing for the business. Read More
  • BDAglower as GDC stands by flawed consultation

    The British Dental Association (BDA) has reacted to the GDC’s refusal to budge on the threatened legal challenge to its handling of the consultation into increases to the annual retention fee (ARF).   Read More
  • GDCrejects BDA challenge

    The General Dental Council (GDC) has rejected a claim by the British Dental Association (BDA) that the current consultation on the level of the Annual Retention Fee (ARF) is unlawful. In a response to this letter today the GDC explains in detail that the consultation is based on a clear Read More
  • Lastminute plea by GDC to BDA legal challenge

    The General Dental Council (GDC) has requested a last minute extension to respond to a legal challenge set by the British Dental Association. The BDA had spelt out its intention to pursue judicial review over the GDC’s botched handling of the consultation on the Annual Retention Fee (ARF) increase.[1] Lawyers working Read More
  • LDCsreissue open letter to GDC

    A total of 72 LDCs across England and Wales have written an open letter to GDC chair, William Moyes.  They say in conclusion: “We believe currently the GDC does not understand the very profession it regulates. We, as a large group of LDCs, ask that the GDC addresses the current Read More
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The GDPUK Blog

  • Swarm theory - what's buzzing?

    Welcome back if you have been away.  Isn’t it lovely to get back to the predictable routines of work after the manic family reunions on a beach somewhere?!  Just over 100 days to Chr… Oops’ sorry, it’s the C word :)  [1]   Have you got your cheque books read ...

    by Enamel Prism
    Friday, 22 August 2014
  • GDC: Broken and Broke?

    The revelations of a recent FOI request showing the cash reserves and short term access assets of the GDC potentially raise questions of the financial fortitude of our regulator.If indeed the figures supplied by the GDC are correct, and represent the full and correct answer to the question asked, th ...

    by Simon Thackeray
    Thursday, 21 August 2014
  • Avoid Silly Dental Mistakes

    Silly mistakes


    by DentistGoneBadd
    Monday, 18 August 2014
  • That's an angry Chicken.

    Playing Chicken with the GDC?

    So, the GDC has responded to the BDA’s challenge at the 12th hour with the response we probably all expected. Basically it’s a legalese version of a ‘la la la we’re not listening, and my dad’s bigger than your dad ‘cos he’s going to take all your money when you lose’.The problem we have with that is ...

    by Simon Thackeray
    Tuesday, 12 August 2014
  • Risk Assessment Part One

    Risk Assessment - Part One


    by DentistGoneBadd
    Monday, 11 August 2014
  • Preparing for Friends and Family Test

    Preparing for Friends and Family Test


    by DentistGoneBadd
    Monday, 04 August 2014
  • To rant or not to rant ?

    That is indeed a question!!Phew, what a scorcher. If you think the meteorological heat is oppressive, you want to try working in Wimpole Street. AirCon does nothing to relieve the heat of the pressure the GDC should be feeling.What interesting, perhaps desperate times we live in.The world is aw ...

    by Enamel Prism
    Monday, 28 July 2014
  • Avoiding THE Question

    Having just read the response from the GDC to the BDA’s questions about the Telegraph advert, it would appear that there is a distinct tone of avoiding answering the legitimate questions posed. Coming from the Chair of the GDC, with his background at the Office of FAIR Trading, this again seems ...

    by Simon Thackeray
    Wednesday, 23 July 2014
  • Cometh the hour, cometh the dental man?

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man?That phrase may be a cliche but where does the profession go from here? We have seen careful reaction in the form of a press release from GDC defending themselves against criticism, showing they are not totally thick skinned.There has been action on all the UK dental ...

    by Tony Jacobs
    Tuesday, 08 July 2014
  • A Big Thank You

    Grateful thanksLike many I am grateful for the services of the GDC. I pay the ARF secure in the knowledge that my patients are safe and the money well spent.Presently though I feel I have more to thank them for than usual.  I hope my readers understand irony ... Professional disunity?Just ...

    by Enamel Prism
    Monday, 07 July 2014
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N. Warnakulasuriya

I stumbled across this site and am very pleased I did. Thank you for creating such a brilliant `peer review` platform

Jennifer Pinder

"I work with people who arent generally in the loop about whats happening outside the 4 walls of the practice in dentistry. This forum has proved invaluable as a source of keeping up to date, and I often find now that when I get the Dental journals I already know a lot of the news ! Ive got clinical support, social support, personal support from here."


Just a quick note to say how much I have enjoyed this site. - Thanks for all the hard work. It wouldnt allow GDPs like me to swap ideas and thoughts otherwise. The figures speak for themselves in showing how much a site like this is needed. Keep it up!!

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  • First Impressions

    Implement practice procedures that make the best possible use of their time. Similarly, safeguarding patient satisfaction and confidence is paramount to the management of a successful team. Advanced d ...

    Thursday, 14 August 2014
  • Bridge2Aidlogo

    Dental charity celebrates 10 year birthday

    This October will see Bridge2Aid’s Dental Training Programme celebrate its 10th anniversary at the magnificent Wembley Stadium.Since the charity’s very first training programme back in 2004, with ...

    Thursday, 14 August 2014
  • Risks, Benefits and Costs - Dr Michael Sultan

    If we fail to offer our patients the very latest technological innovations in diagnosis and care are we doing them a dis-service and providing second-tier dentistry?The best imaging equipment, such as ...

    Thursday, 14 August 2014
  • Preventing ‘Wear to Despair’ – an interview with Tif Qureshi

    Tooth wear is a common condition among patients in the UK. According to figures in the Adult Dental Health Survey, over three quarters of the population suffers from tooth wear of some kind.[1] The tr ...

    Friday, 08 August 2014
  • 3M ESPE – Masters of innovation in restorative dentistry

    “Invention isn’t innovation until you’ve delivered something to the marketplace. The engine that drives innovation is technology, but understanding what people need and delivering the right product at ...

    Friday, 08 August 2014
  • A fantastic day for dentists and DCPs - European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics (ESAO)

    On the 21st June in Birmingham the European Society of Aesthetic Orthodontics (ESAO) hosted a full-capacity orthodontic skills course. With parallel sessions running for dentists and DCPs; the sold-ou ...

    Friday, 08 August 2014
  • Keeping it in the family -Tim Caudrelier

    What’s the first thing you think of when someone says ‘marketing’?Perhaps something like ‘advertising’ or ‘attracting new patients’, or maybe even ‘expensive’.But that doesn’t need to be the case.Inte ...

    Friday, 08 August 2014
  • Patient power shapes the dental market - Simon Hughes Christie+ Co

    We are told that the economic recovery is now in full-swing, and according to key business lobby groups, the UK economy is prospering. Growth is reaching record highs and the British Chambers of Comme ...

    Thursday, 07 August 2014
  • Simple steps to becoming a master blogger

    Writing a blog is not only enjoyable but it can be productive too, helping to attract more interest to your website. If you have little or no writing experience, however, the idea of making your words ...

    Thursday, 07 August 2014
  • Nuview – 10 years on - Martin Hellawell

    Martin Hellawell is in charge of customer and information technology services at Nuview. The expert on integrating cameras and digital microscope photography into dentistry, he advises customers on th ...

    Thursday, 07 August 2014
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