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    Dentist Stuff for Dummies


    by DentistGoneBadd
    Monday, 13 February 2017
  • How to fund a legal case without breaking the bank

    Our society has become more litigious over the years; patients are quick to complain to see if they can get a ‘quick buck’ and dentists fear such complaints being escalated to the GDC.Litigation can be a costly game. For example, it has come to light that the legal costs for the recent 9 day fitness ...

    by Laura Pearce
    Tuesday, 07 February 2017
  • Patientspotting



    by DentistGoneBadd
    Monday, 06 February 2017
  • The GDC - Time for change

    GDC- Time for change


    by DentistGoneBadd
    Tuesday, 31 January 2017
  • Body Odour in the Workplace

    If your best friend won’t tell you what do you do? A different problem.“I’m feeling a little bit under the weather”. Another vague absence. Karen was good team member, a hard worker and, with the exception of a couple of days a month, punctual and reliable. The principal and the practice manager did ...

    by Alun Rees
    Wednesday, 25 January 2017
  • The Only way is ethics (2)

    The Only Way is Ethics


    by DentistGoneBadd
    Monday, 23 January 2017
  • Crisis what crisis?

    Crisis? What Crisis?


    by DentistGoneBadd
    Sunday, 15 January 2017
  • GDC Watch Winter 2017 - Sexual Misconduct

    Recently, I have been mulling over issues of personal conduct.  This has led me to the specific topic of this blog which is sexual misconduct or otherwise inappropriate sexual behaviour. It looks at historic and current cases and I hope is just as interesting and thought-provoking for you reade ...

    by Victoria Holden
    Sunday, 15 January 2017
  • Going Rogue

    Going Rogue


    by DentistGoneBadd
    Sunday, 08 January 2017
  • 2017 - A Dental Wishlist

    Dental Wishlist for 2017 by @DentistGoneBadd


    by DentistGoneBadd
    Monday, 02 January 2017
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  • This review of post-retained crowns on endodontically treated teeth included 9 RCTs. Findings suggest that that the number of remaining coronal walls and the use of posts are key factors for the success/ survival of these restorations. However the quality of the available evidence is low. The post Post-retained single crowns performance linked to amount of coronal structure appeared first on National Elf Service.

  • 5 studies at high risk of bias were included in this review of the success of restoration in posterior root filled teeth findings suggest that the more tooth remaining teh better the treatment outcome. The post Single restorations on root filled posterior teeth appeared first on National Elf Service.

  • This prospective cohort study included 1331 58–72-year old men from Northern Ireland suggests an association between moderate to severe periodontitis and type II diabetes. The post Periodontitis and type II diabetes appeared first on National Elf Service.

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