Experience the flexibility of ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL



Dr Shubham Mittal, a senior partner of Clifton Moor Dental Centre uses the ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL one-component bonding agent from COLTENE and says, “It is a very good all in one bonding system.”

“Whether I need to use the Self-Etch technique, Total-Etch or Selective-Etch, I can rely on ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL to provide effective bonding to a number of materials, including gold, titanium, ceramic, zirconium oxide and composite. For me, having that level of freedom and flexibility has been invaluable to my restorative work.

“If, for instance, I needed to treat a hypersensitive tooth, I know that I could apply the bond with the Self-Etch technique and it would work like a dream with no sensitivity whatsoever.

“With the same product, I could also get a good bond on a non-vital tooth using Total-Etch – there really is no limit as to how the ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL can be used.

“As such, I would definitely recommend to other practitioners, especially those that are already using other COLTENE products.”

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