Become excellent



Enlighten, the only whitening service that can truly guarantee a whiter smile, is going one step further to improve the standard of UK tooth whitening.


With it’s exciting new Regional Centres of Excellence scheme, Enlighten is giving aspiring UK practices the chance to become the go-to tooth whitening expert in your area. By offering access to Enlighten’s own extensive network of contacts and marketers, member practices will be put on the map – and enjoy increased numbers of patients as a result.


What’s more, the Enlighten team will be on hand to provide exclusive in-practice training to ensure that your staff knows exactly what is involved in the tooth whitening process. As such, your team will become one of the most useful sources of promotion, able to answer any of your patients’ queries with ease.


The Enlighten team will also offer expert marketing assistance, to ensure that your practice becomes known for excellent service and guaranteed results.


Membership to this business-changing initiative is limited, depending on regional interest and uptake, so ensure you contact the Enlighten team as soon as possible to register your interest and take the first steps towards becoming a Regional Centre of Excellence.


For more information, visit, email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the team on 0207 424 3270