Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro F Loupes

Carl Zeiss’ expertly-crafted range of loupes, exclusively available in the UK from Nuview, offer high quality optics that allow for clearer visualisation and enhanced clinical results.


Dr Andrew Bolam is an associate dentist at Bancroft Dentistry in Hitchin, he uses the EyeMag Pro F loupes in his practice and says:


“The loupes have been fantastic. Before buying them I tested all the available options and definitely thought that these were the best in the field. For quality of magnification they were far superior to all the other loupes I tried.


 “The benefits are incredible. I didn't initially use them for examinations, primarily for restorative treatment; but now I use them for everything. You can see so much more and the quality of my work is definitely improving.


“I would certainly recommend Nuview and the Carl Zeiss EyeMag Pro F loupes to other practitioners.”


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