Preventive and protective - 3M Espe

Adopting preventive measures in your practice is essential to help patients achieve optimum oral health. Fissure sealants can be particularly beneficial, especially in young children who require extra protection against caries.[i]


Clinpro Fissure Sealant from 3M ESPE can provide this vital protection[ii] while offering you a convenient direct delivery syringe for simple application. Not only that, the low viscosity allows it to flow easily into pits and fissures.


Clinpro Fissure sealant also utilises  colour change technology to allow for easy placement.[iii] Clinpro Fissure sealant isPink when applied and changes to an opaque white once exposed to light, leaving a layor of invisible protection.


For a truly preventive and protective solution try Clinpro Fissure Sealant from 3M ESPE today.


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