The BDA Benevolent Fund doesn’t just offer financial help in a crisis. We visit potential beneficiaries and find out how they
came to be in their current circumstances. On some occasions impartial advice and emotional support is enough to help
them get back on track.

For others, who are at real risk of falling into poverty, the Fund offers a one-off grant, a monthly grant towards living expenses
or an interest-free loan.  Over half of beneficiaries are on means-tested benefits and some of the poorest in society.

The Fund is very grateful for the all the donations it receives from the profession.  Every pound goes directly to dentists and their families, making a real difference to those who are struggling while trying to cope with accident, chronic illness and other stressful
life-changing events.


For more information about the BDA Benevolent Fund
call 020 7486 4994, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 or visit

All enquiries are considered in confidence.


Registered charity no. 208146