Driving practice growth - Carestream CS R4+ Practice Management Software

Real-time data can have a huge impact on the efficacy of your practice management systems. Giving you an accurate analysis of how your practice is performing at any given time, it is the perfect tool to facility change and drive your business growth.


b2ap3_thumbnail_R4-Carestream.jpgThe latest CS R4+ practice management software from Carestream Dental now features the exciting Springboard as standard, which enables you to do just this. It has been designed to focus on key areas within your practice that demonstrate your performance with regards to chair occupancy, treatment plan uptake, appointment confirmations and efficiency of recare processes, highlighting the need for improvement wherever appropriate.

All data is displayed in easy-to-read visuals, enabling any member of the team to access the results and implement changes straight away.

The practice management software also integrates seamlessly with additional programmes to further streamline your daily processes and free up precious time for staff. These include the innovative Appointmentor Online Booking System, eSignatures module, AutoPost and Text Messaging Service.

So, to make the most of real-time data and really drive your practice growth, discover the CS R4+ practice management software with Springboard from Carestream Dental.


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