Whitening products back on sale

GDPUK Exclusive news:

Dental Directory is resuming sales of whitening products with the blessing of Trading Standards. The only proviso set by Trading Standards is that these products are used by registered professionals in the surgery. The company says that although its stocks are limited, its shelves should be fully stocked within the next seven working days.

In a letter to dentists Dental Directory says that after an exhaustive campaign they are able to announce that they have now received confirmation from The Trading Standards Agency that they are able to resume the supply of chairside Tooth bleaching products which have a concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide of more than 0.1%.

The letter quotes an extract from the correspondence from Trading Standards:

“As outlined during our conversation on Friday, this Service has no issue with peroxide-based whiteners > 0.1% supplied to GDC registered dentists for use in the course of a professional whitening service conducted by a registrant. It is the view of this Service that such treatments would be regulated by the GDC. Provided your business takes reasonable steps to restrict supplies of such whiteners to registrants, making it clear that the product is only for use in surgery (i.e. not for supply as an over-the-counter take-home cosmetic product for consumers), then the view of this Service is that there is no need for any trading standards action.

This Service is in agreement with the view of dental professionals and organisations such as the BDA that the safest place for cosmetic teeth whitening to take place is in the care of registered dental professionals, and it is not in the public interest for action to be taken to restrict the supply to dentists of the necessary raw materials and whitening kits to make this possible.”

To see letter in full click here.

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