Male and female dentists practise differently

Female dentists in the USA differ from their male counterparts in some aspects of the prevention, assessment and treatment of dental caries, even with significant covariates taken into account. The practice patterns of female dentists suggest a treatment philosophy with a greater focus on caries prevention.


Research published in the Journal of the American Dental Association showed significant differences in male and female dentists’ practice patterns regarding diagnosis and treatment of dental caries.

Three hundred ninety-three male and 73 female dentists participated. Female dentists recommended at-home fluoride to a significantly larger number of their patients than did male dentists, whereas male dentists had a preference for using in-surgery fluoride treatments with paediatric patients. Female dentists also chose to use preventive therapy more often at earlier stages of dental caries. There were few differences between the sexes in terms of diagnostic methods, time spent on or charges for restorative dentistry, and busyness of the practice.

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