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Are you reading Lord Howe? [1]

Within the next two years it is most likely there will be a new contract for the delivery of general dental services. The new systems will undoubtedly need input of patient data in the surgery and for transmission to NHS bodies.

It is equitable and essential that DH agree that they must fully fund the computer systems needed to run and maintain their new contract. Thousands of dentists have, to date, provided computer systems with investments from their own funds. Dentists must now insist if the systems are essential to have an NHS Contract in the future, then the DH should pay for them retrospectively.

An equitable way would be for this payment in the form of a flat grant to be made to all performers, or all sites at which NHS contracting is provided. Inevitably this IT hardware and software then creates ongoing costs, these costs must also be supported by separate payments to dentistry, a clear and transparent statement must be made that this is not money taken from funds for patient care.

Are you reading Earl Howe, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Health?

Dentists have been treated dishonestly in the past [Seniority Payments to name one instance], it is time to do the right thing.

Are you reading Lord Howe? [2]
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