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Choices? Out of stock, Sir


Dentists told to 'go compare'

Welcome back from the long weekend. Sunshine does starnge things to people and so this little gem could well be evidence of sun spot activity on Government activity!

The DH stated in early May that  NHS Choices will shortly write to all dentists offering them the opportunity to manage their pages on the NHS Choices website

I am indebted to dentistry.co.uk  for this item of news

When I wonder will the Government stop trying to fiddle around in the delivery of medical and allied services – of which dentistry of course just one.

Aside from disguising Press Releases as “News” [an old political tool of ill repute]  I am taken somewhat by the Dept of Health quotes :

Only 47% of dentists currently provide information about their practices and services on the website – a proportion the department of health (DH) is determined to raise.
Now officials are working with the British Dental Association (BDA), to persuade more dentists to acknowledge the advantages of the scheme.
A DH spokesman told 
Dentistry: 'Offering people the opportunity to compare dental practices helps them to understand the services the NHS is providing and also helps them to choose the services they wish to use.  

So can “NHS Choices” actually be a good marketing tool?

Are we missing a trick here?

What happens if you start to use the web site to rate your practice in a planned manner with successful patient treatment cases?  Is NHS Choices actually ultra-vulnerable to gaming ‘providers’?

Am I the only one to think that NHS Choices is an utter waste of time space and taxpayers money?

Does anyone else feel that this huge web portal is actually the web site for The Big Lie?  It portrays all is well when in reality we are already seeing the early effects of post code limitations being applied by Clinical Commissioning Groups?

Impersonal political and public service leadership simply does not understand that one to one patient relationships are what drive successful medical and dental intervention.  Patently in a hospital environment such relationships may be shorter term than long term primary care.

But dentistry IS different because we are as a profession “in the patient’s face” – we alone routinely place our hands into a conscious patient’s mouth for extended periods of time. That creates a relationship of a very intimate nature.

Go Compare?  ….  Go Get Lost more like! Your operatically…

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