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Don't Panic!

Fire Alarm goes off at the Polyclinic unexpectedly - we do have fire drills and before every session have a full briefing of any major events, visitors or issues we should be aware of, so whilst I may have been droopy-eyed at 6am in the morning, I'm still pretty sure we didn't have a fire drill scheduled today.
So what does one do, wait 20 seconds and hope it stops and appreciate it was a false alarm so carry on as normal? Well 30 seconds later it's still going full blast so one realises we have to get everyone out, patients, staff including dentists, hygienists, nurses, technicians, receptionists and anyone else like interpreters, cleaners, maintenance etc. Check all rooms and loos and join the queue exiting down the stairs, looking for any signs of smoke or flames, but none are seen.
So what turns up to rescue us from the flames and smoke, but a Mini-Cooper done out as a Fire Vehicle! OK it's the rapid response team who are quickly followed by the 'proper' fire-fighters and just as the gathering crowd were getting excited, we are told it's a false alarm and we can all enter again.
Unfortunately upon return several patients decided to not come back even though they had started some treatment...hmmm....I suspect there will be a few extra emergencies attending at the next early morning shift.


Golden Saturday
Dental Team

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