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The 4 Advantages of Using a Targeted Landing Page

The 4 Advantages of Using a Targeted Landing Page
A landing page is a single web page that exists or is created for the sole purpose of getting your user to take action. 
In the past I have looked at landing pages and why they are an important part of any marketing strategy. I thought this was something that was definitely worth revisiting. So much of our marketing is now online we have to look at how we attract and keep any leads we attract. 
  1. Landing pages are the key to converting the leads that click on your facebook or banner ad. So whether you are asking for contact details in exchange for a white paper, offering a demo piece of dental equipment, a targeted landing page is going to help you convert those visitors.
  2. Using one specific landing page for your campaign also gives you a clear idea if the marketing campaign is working or not. If you are still getting a high bounce rate on your targeted landing page, the page may need tweaking or reworking slightly. If traffic goes to your homepage, it is impossible to see why the leads aren’t taking the next step. The landing page can always be tweaked and then you can see if your results improve.
  3. Having one page also lets you narrow your focus and remove the clutter you would expect on a homepage. The page should enable the visitor to find the information a lot quicker. This keeps the visitor focused on the product or service you want them to look at. 
  4. Landing pages need to be seen as part of your sales team. Can the page sell your service or product to the level you would expect? You obviously wouldn’t expect your salesperson to convert every single lead they receive but you would expect a certain proportion. You need to look at your landing page in the same way. The page needs to be converting the clicks.
Therefore the landing page always needs a clear call to action and hopefully you will start seeing some positive results.
So when should you be using landing pages?
  • As destinations for your banner ads.
  • To create anticipation for a new product or service you are offering the dental community.
  • To promote a special offer that you don’t normally offer. The landing page can expire after one week or a month, it is upto you. 
  • To segment your audience. You may want a landing page that is aimed just at endodontists for example. 
If you have a target audience in mind, you need to start thinking about how you are going to reach that audience. Once you reach them, how will you keep them engaged? Designing a targeted and focused landing page is a great step to getting a return on your marketing budget. 
Get in touch if you would like further information on GDPUK and where our site can fit into your marketing plans.
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