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Olympian Food

There are some breaks between shifts and we do all get food vouchers which allows us to eat in the food halls - don't be fooled by the big M above the entrances, once inside whilst one can choose McDonalds, there is also a wide choice of foods. With the games being very green, they recycle everything from paper-plates to the waste food itself, everything goes into specific containers afterwards.

Even the roofs of many buildings have soil/plants growing on them to extend plant life into the concrete jungle but also act as thermal insulation!

The quality of the food is good and you get the chance to chat to others you may otherwise not come across and the facilities are going 24/7, so it's breakfast at 5.30am and lunch at 1pm, or lunch at 2pm and dinner at 8pm usually, depending whether one has an early or late shift that day.

They are literally catering for some 20,000 people so the facities are massive but relatively well organised I have to say.

Ceremony rehearsals
The Aussies

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