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High Five

A surprise visit by PM David Cameron was made with little fuss in the Olympic village.
One of the first ports of call was the vast catering facilities for the Athletes, where dishes are prepared by chefs from around the World, so every Olympian has food they are familiar with, even if thousands of miles away from home.
Of course having done the rounds to all the different food zones, DC settled on 'The Best of British' area to sample it's delights. He then said hello to various atheletes before leaving the venue then posing for some photographs with team GB members, then walking-off at a fast pace, as it happens towards me.
Indeed he was coming straight at me - what does one do, jump out of the way, stay firm, is there a protocol for a PM coming towards you?
Well he kept coming and I stayed fast then different thoughts rushed through my mind - should I say something deeply philosophical or intellectual and if so what, in this fleeting few seconds?
I can't explain it, I don't know why, but on this occasion we just eyeballed each other and instinctively gave each other a 'high-five' as he passed.
Some things, like the Olympic spirit, just transcend words - I can't imagine such a thing happening again and it feeling so instinctively natural.
Just one of my many unique experiences here at the Olympics I will never forget.

Closing Ceremony
Jolly Hockey?

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