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Still Eating!

They say an army marches on it's stomach, well maybe similar can be said about an Olympic Army of Athletes who need to perform at their best, yet with over 200 countries and widely differing tastes and needs for stability and continuation before going for gold, how does one achieve that at a massive event like the Olympics involving 10,000+ athletes?

Well the answer is to have one of the largest catering facilities, divided up into different sections and with chefs provided from the main continents to provide a variety of dishes cooked to a high and nutritious standard, literally 24 hours a day. This is fortunate because of Ramadan too, so even the hours of darkness can be very busy.

Each 'foody' area is themed and colour coded, so the Americas and Europe are Green, Best of British is Blue, Caribbean and African is Yellow and Asian is Purple, with an additional Halal section too. Yes it may be sponsored by McDonalds and there is one in the corner, once inside the majority of choice of foods is more traditional and menus are varied every day.

The place is vast, much bigger than most shopping Mall food courts and one cannot really encompass it all in one photo, but at peak times this place is literally full of thousands of people all at one time, yet does seem to cope well too.

If it's one thing for sure, the Athletes will not falter because they do not have enough choice and availability of the fuel they need to perform their best.

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