Well today was another early start 6am and raining, hoping things would brighten up later and boy did they do that! Fortunately I was on a break and just happened to be near the main entrance when I noticed a flurry of activity outside and then literally from nowhere appeared Kate Middleton and William (and in the background Harry) with a relatively small group around them, but no press whatsoever.

They walked briskly through part of the village, being given a guided tour by the village Mayor, then they chatted to a small group of athletes where a larger crowd then gathered, before going to the Team GB block to meet others there. They were friendly, chatty, amiable and good humoured and seemed to be enjoying their brief visit without any pomp or ceremony - indeed I was very surprised at how close one could get to them without anyone getting stressed out about it. That though reflects the atmosphere in the whole village, easy going, relaxed and informal, whoever you are it seems :)