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Opening Ceremony II

I was sitting in the Olympic Village canteen when I can see red, white and blue streaks across the sky out of the window at 12 minutes past eight (2012 hrs!) and realise it's the Red Arrows doing a fly-over, which I could see on the screen to my right too. It was surreal looking out the window and looking at the screen and seeing both happening live whilst actually sat there! Sadly I was so taken by this I never got a picture in time because 5 seconds later they had flown away :(
So back to work and soon it becomes dark - we can see the Olympic Stadium from the roof of our Polyclinic so when I had a spare 5 mins I had a look and could see the light show changing all the time.
Again a little surreal seeing the image of the stadium on TV, then looking up and seeing the stadium and actually hearing the music and crowd sounds just across the way. Then my shift was finally finished, I watched some highlights then rushed out to get photos of the firework display which really don't do justice to the loudness of the bangs or the brightness of the display, especially when they got the fireworks to mimic the Olympic rings over the village! There was quite a bit of smoke afterwards too, which just added effect to the light show.

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Opening Ceremony I

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