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Tower of Babel comes to London!

The Olympic Village medical centre is a very distinctive 'angular' design in the village and the Kazakhstan team have moved into the block opposite our clinic on the top floor - is it wrong to keep thinking of Borat every time I go into work :) I do hope they win something significant at the Olympics too to maybe balance their International recognition!

The Official languages of the Olympics are French and English so all H&S signs are dual language too. With over 200 countries competing, in theory every team has interpreters that speak both languages, they are spread too thin and so the Village translation services are often needed for Dentistry. Russian, Japanese and Portugese seem to be the most popular alternatives we've had to treat patients with ,but some of the dental terminology can be difficult, making consent and discussing alternatives and choices 'interesting' too. Our dental clinic works up to 11.30pm at night but as we found out recently, translation services stop at 9pm when we have to swap to a telephone translation service, which if you've ever used isn't quite so practical so now we know we need re-arrange appointments that best serve patients' language needs too.

We also have our own onsite lab useful for many things including making replacement gumshields of various designs for various sports as well as urgent repairs and where necessary replacement prostheses, though with some inevitable limitations. We are all getting very busy now, I am already fully booked for my 2pm-11.30pm session as everyone tries to get sorted out before the games proper begin!

Eye in the sky
There's a Moose in the Hoose :)

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