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What are the 6 key attributes of an effective landing page?

What are the 6 key attributes of an effective landing page?

In part 1 of this series, I wrote about the importance of an effective landing page and how it helps to attract new customers to your business. We are now going to look at the key features of an effective landing page. What will make visitors give you the information or business you desire? Below are 6 key attributes of an effective landing page. Please feel free to add other attributes you believe would be effective. 

1. USP – Unique Selling Point

For our clients, they are looking to offer dentists a product or service that sets it apart from the competition. The client needs to break down what they are offering to the customer and when successful, it should be clear and attract attention. The first headline used needs to clearly describe what your product or service can offer and why they should be interested.

2. Picture or video

A picture or even better a video of someone using the product or service gives the users the feeling of what it is or what it looks like. This gets the customers thinking how they could use the product or service in their everyday life and how it would benefit them. A dental example;  A new dental handpiece being shown in a video being used by a dentist, gets the reader thinking about them using it in their practice and how it will benefit them.

3. The benefits of what you offer.

After the USP, you now need to give your reader a few more details. So how will the product or service benefit the reader? You need to think from the customer’s point of view. How will the new handpiece (for example) benefit the dentist, what features or advantages can you prove over your competitors?

4. Keep it simple

You want your reader to make a decision, for a decision to be more likely, the clearer and simpler your page needs to be.  As well as your landing pages, this also applies to a homepage. Traffic will often hit your homepage, so it should be treated like sales specific landing pages; keep your offer and strategy simple. Only offer a few places that can be clicked, keep the reader focused on the reason they clicked through to your landing page in the first place!

5. Testimonials / Proof

You want to show that your product is being utilised by other people in the field. People are more likely to use something that they can see is being used by others. If a product has excellent reviews or testimonials, then you need to shout about it. Other ways of demonstrating that the product is the best; Number of customers, organisations that you count as customers or awards received for your product or service. If you can provide evidence of testimonials, reviews or awards you will build trust and then sales!

6. CTA - Call to Action

CTA or call to action is incredibly important. You need to incorporate a bold, clear call to action into the design of the landing page. This could take a number of different forms, phone number, email address, contact form, social media links. The key is to think like the customer, make it as easy and straightforward as possible. The call to action details should be displayed a number of times on the page if possible.

We are constantly adapting and changing our own website and this is the huge advantage of being an online publication. Pages you create can be changed at anytime, so experiment with what works and what doesn’t and don’t be scared to try out different tactics or marketing plans.

If you would like to discuss how to market your brand or product on, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can organise a marketing strategy that will work for your business needs. 

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The importance of an effective landing page

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