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Jonny will share his views on digital marketing, social media and technology focusing on the dental profession.

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Jonny Jacobs

Jonny Jacobs

Jonny Jacobs is the Sales & Marketing Manager at GDPUK. is the largest online community for dentists and dental professionals in the UK with 10,000 members. GDPUK publishes dental news and blogs centred on dentistry. GDPUK is also well known for its active forum, where dentists discuss, inform, learn and engage with each other every day. On average there are over 600 different contributors to the forum every month. Membership of the site is free. For more information please get in contact.


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Below you will find an infograph we have created from a recent thread on GDPUK which was titled - help me with end of year spending....

The thread is still ongoing but we think it demonstrates the way our users use the site. They take advice from each other and peer reviews are therefore important. 
We are pleased buying decisions are formed via the forum, this shows the importance of opinions from peers and how we believe GDPUK is used to form decisions before making purchases.
The forum is now approaching nearly 270,000 posts, from just over 23,600 threads, so similar discussions to the one we have highlighted are taking place every day.
As you can see from the infograph below some of the items discussed are big purchases. Digital products are obviously the products that are at the top of “wish lists” but some affordable items also on the infograph. We hope you find the info and thread interesting and certainly extremely positive to see a buying thread with so many opinions and knowledge. 
Thanks for reading, we hope you have found the infograph and thread on the forum useful.
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We have now been offering GDPUK Members our Switch and Save offer on Credit Card Merchant Fees for a number of months.

Card payment services can be very costly to dental practices. Our partner, Nexpay can reduce your monthly bills by up to 60%. That could mean an annual saving of several thousands of pounds. 

Overall we have saved our members a combined £100,000, well on our way towards a million pounds.

Testimonials are now flooding in, they can be viewed below and also on Feefo here.

Fill out the form here or click on any of the images and see how much you can save today for your dental practice or business. 


Fill out the Form today and Start Saving!

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All businesses are now banned from charging ANY fees for credit or debit card payments. The ruling came into force on Saturday 13th January.

The new rules, which have now been made into the law as of Saturday, will mean all surcharges are banned when businesses process card payments.

So there will be no charges for paying by debit or credit card, including American Express and linked ways of paying such as PayPal or Apple Pay.

As an example, when booking flights, you will no longer be charged extra for paying via credit card. Below are a few examples of charges. (from Money Saving Expert)

It is estimated that surcharging cost Brits £166 million in 2015.

  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) - £2.50 credit card fee on all transactions
  • Council tax - 2.5% credit card fee for Ealing Council
  • Flights - Flybe charges 3% on credit card and PayPal transactions
  • Packaged holidays - Thomas Cook has a 2% credit card fee
  • Paid-for TV - Sky charges a 30p/mth fee on recurring credit card payments

The rules will apply to any UK company which is selling to UK consumers.

Switch and save
Change payment provider today and save up to 60%

The reason this is being mentioned in a blog on GDPUK is……

One because of our offer for members, where we can save dental practice money on their card payment fees, which are obviously different area when compared to the new law above but still relevant.

Secondly, businesses often charge these extra charges as listed above (especially smaller businesses such as dental practices) because of the fees the business was paying the merchant supplying the card service and they were passing on the charge to the consumer.

So therefore checking your card machine rate is more important than ever. 

One of way of helping small business owners reduce these costs is by checking your rate. Card payment services can be very costly to dental practices and other small businesses. By comparing your rate, you can reduce your monthly bills by up to 60%. That could mean an annual saving of several thousands of pounds.


Find out more info here via GDPUK Services. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and within a few days you can be making savings. Just Switch and Save!

This offer is primarily for dental practices but we can also look at other businesses that take card payments on a daily basis and see how we can help reduce your costs. Just enquire via the form on the GDPUK Services page.

Further info about the EU Payment Services Directive here.

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Save money and time in your dental practice in 2018 by Jonny Jacobs

One of the aims we have always looked to achieve at GDPUK is saving money or producing special offers from our advertisers and partners for our 11,000 members. Running and operating a dental practice (or any business) can be extremely expensive and time consuming. Not all expenses or direct debits, will get checked every month because they aren’t always the first priority but often expenses can go out of our control.

Below is a short guide we have produced that looks at some ways you can save money and time in your dental practice in 2018.

**Disclaimer** A few of the money and time saving suggestions, are services that are offered by GDPUK via third parties. These services are available elsewhere but the suppliers we have mentioned have produced excellent savings for our members and provide a service that they have been extremely happy with. Only our opinion!



Dental Practices need all sorts of insurance. Insurance is always worth shopping around for when you consider the amount of cover a dental practice needs on a regular basis.

There are a number of insurances that a dental practice may choose to buy such as dental practice insurance, dental locum insurance, pressure vessel inspection, keyman protection insurance. All the policies are worth comparing the market, with a number of companies specialising in this area such as All Med Pro, Lloyd & Whyte and MIAB.


Dental Supplies

Over the years on the GDPUK Forum, our members have found that it is worth doing a price audit on their top 20-30 supplies in the practice based on volume per month and it can be found that with a bit of shopping around of dental suppliers, you can make some considerable savings for the practice. Obviously, credibility, reliability and efficiency of the suppliers also need to be taken into account for important supplies but some considerable savings can be made. This is certainly worth auditing a couple of times a year.


Credit Card Fees

We’re always looking to help you reduce costs without compromising the quality of your patient care. That’s why we’re working with nexpay to ensure the fees you pay on credit card processing are extremely competitive and save your dental practice money. Just contact us by the link below, nexpay will review your existing account and undertake a full market comparison. They will then produce a report that shows you the potential new tariff savings. Some GDPUK members are saving thousands of pounds a year on card processing fees.

You still provide the same service to your patients but save on the processing fees, which over a calendar year can often be quite a saving! Find out more here.


Water is used a lot in an average dental practice. On 1 April 2017, businesses were given the freedom to choose which water supplier to buy their water and wastewater services. This means there are loads of dental practices that will be paying over the odds for their water supply, certainly worth a quick shop or call around. Companies like utilitywise and openwater will offer a comparison service and advice on what is a good offer. Once again a great opportunity to reduce costs in the new year.


Energy has teamed up with a leading independent business energy brokerage who is constantly striving to source the best products and most competitive market rates for businesses. With a vast array of suppliers and products available to the business market, quite often businesses are left without clear guidelines as to which is the best deal. Our broker can offer a comprehensive panel of suppliers who are vying for your business. For more information, please follow this link - Other similar type services are also available.


CQC and Regulation

Compliance is changing faster and faster. From the CQC Fundamental Standards in 2015, to the GDC standards in 2014 to changes in employment law, health and safety, sharps regulations and a whole lot more. Because the volume of compliance and regulation in a practice can seem to be overwhelming, it can be difficult for a dental practice owner or practice manager to keep on top of it all.

Services such as icomply and rightpath4, help to tell you what to do and keep you updated on the latest changes and legislation. This can help to save the practice a lot of time, stress and misunderstanding. It does help having everything in one place.

Right Path 4 who have always been great supporters of GDPUK have a special offer on for members of GDPUK. All future updates to the Right Path 4 system are included in this monthly fee. Further information here on how they can help you in your practice.


Software Systems

Although not necessarily saving you money in the short term, dental practice software systems certainly make your practice streamlined and more efficient for all members of the team.

You can save a lot of time in your practice by going paperless. One of these paperless systems is offered by iSmile, who offer your very own branded Patient Portal, where you can give your patients the ability to fill in medical history forms on their desktops, tablets and mobile devices prior to their appointment. iSmile can automatically email medical history forms to your patients, which are filled out securely online and then transmitted back to iSmile and stored within the patient's file, significantly reducing workload and paperwork at the dental practice reception.

Further information on this subject can be found via the GDPUK Forum:- Going Paperless.


We hope you found this guide to saving money and time in your dental practice extremely useful and it has got you thinking about areas that could be improved in your business.

Thanks for reading.

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Want to reach dentists in the UK?
Want to increase exposure of a new product or service?
Want to move away from traditional advertising and instead utilise digital advertising?
If the answer is yes to any (or all) of those questions ..... then you have found the perfect offer to facilitate those needs
We are running an offer.
We are aware it's not manic Monday or black Friday but we have taken a risk and put a special offer out anyway.
Contrary to a lot of advice found on social media, these offers work incredibly well for GDPUK.
In fact one of these offers, actually produced one of our most loyal clients over the last few years and it has helped us build up a brilliant working relationship with that particular business.
So today we are offering a 3 for 2 offer for booking advertising on GDPUK in 2018.
Book advertising in Jan and Feb 2018 and get a third month of advertising absolutely free.
Leaderboard Banner - appears at the top of all Jan & Feb 2018 plus an extra month - £1650 + vat
Forum Banner - Appears on forum pages on left hand side - £990 + vat
Front page Banner - Appears on front page and blog page - £990 + vat
Email Banner - Appears on daily digest email in 2 spots - £780 + vat
*All advertising includes opportunity to post special offers / PR to our products update page, this gets shared on social media.
**For £150 + vat for the 3 months booked, your banner can also appear on our mobile app in the 3 months you book above. Please ask for further details. 
If you would like further information about these offers or would like to receive further information about GDPUK. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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