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Jonny will share his views on digital marketing, social media and technology focusing on the dental profession.

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Jonny Jacobs

Jonny Jacobs

Jonny Jacobs is the Sales & Marketing Manager at GDPUK. is the largest online community for dentists and dental professionals in the UK with 10,000 members. GDPUK publishes dental news and blogs centred on dentistry. GDPUK is also well known for its active forum, where dentists discuss, inform, learn and engage with each other every day. On average there are over 600 different contributors to the forum every month. Membership of the site is free. For more information please get in contact.


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Want to reach dentists in the UK?
Want to increase exposure of a new product or service?
Want to move away from traditional advertising and instead utilise digital advertising?
If the answer is yes to any (or all) of those questions ..... then you have found the perfect offer to facilitate those needs
We are running an offer.
We are aware it's not manic Monday or black Friday but we have taken a risk and put a special offer out anyway.
Contrary to a lot of advice found on social media, these offers work incredibly well for GDPUK.
In fact one of these offers, actually produced one of our most loyal clients over the last few years and it has helped us build up a brilliant working relationship with that particular business.
So today we are offering a 3 for 2 offer for booking advertising on GDPUK in 2018.
Book advertising in Jan and Feb 2018 and get a third month of advertising absolutely free.
Leaderboard Banner - appears at the top of all Jan & Feb 2018 plus an extra month - £1650 + vat
Forum Banner - Appears on forum pages on left hand side - £990 + vat
Front page Banner - Appears on front page and blog page - £990 + vat
Email Banner - Appears on daily digest email in 2 spots - £780 + vat
*All advertising includes opportunity to post special offers / PR to our products update page, this gets shared on social media.
**For £150 + vat for the 3 months booked, your banner can also appear on our mobile app in the 3 months you book above. Please ask for further details. 
If you would like further information about these offers or would like to receive further information about GDPUK. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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A slightly US focused story but yesterday (6th December) an interesting report was released by Morgan Stanley.
The report by Morgan Stanley says Amazon isn't gunning for pharmacies or medical devices just yet. Instead, it's turning its attention to the dental supply business.
Should the traditional dental supply businesses (such as Henry Schein) be worried? 
Probably not just yet but I do believe that Amazon Business will be a force in the next ten years, supplying consumables, stationery, office supplies, food etc for all businesses both big and small. (not just dental)
How will this work?
If we take a dental practice as an example. The person who does the purchasing for the practice will have an amazon business account (many already do) and will start to buy dental consumables and even equipment on the amazon site. It will be convenient, familiar and reliable. This is definitely something to watch over the coming months / years in the US first and the UK won't be far behind.
Read more here.
Further Info on Amazon Business UK
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Below you will find some of the top news and blogs posted on GDPUK, week commencing 6th November.


1. At LMC Conference, doctors will vote on GPs leaving the NHS

2. BDIA takes initiative towards Brexit

3 .MPs debate child oral health

4. @DentistGoneBadd posts a serious blog

5. Portsmouth graduate wins student of the year award

6. Coca-Cola ‘threatened to cut investment’ over sugar tax

7. Enough is enough: BDA demolish case for ARF levels

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A few basic things are always needed in a banner ad to ultimately give you an excellent click through rate. (CTR) We have collected our experiences and thoughts together to produce a short blog on what makes a successful banner advert.


A clear call to action (CTA), has to make sense for your product or service. Such as “Shop Now”, “Learn More” etc. A call to action always has to be included.

Secondly the banner ad can be compared to the billboard in the street, the consumer has a split second to decide if they are interested in the product or service. So you need to decide what you want the consumer to see and take away in those few seconds you have to grab attention to your product or service. This can be a catchy headline, an aspirational image or a hybrid of the two!

Basic animation is also always recommended. Animated GIF is therefore recommended over a static image. Keep it simple and to the point, telling a story rarely works. But the advantage of the animated GIF is that you can put together a  series of frames then combine them in such an order that will eventually form some sort of animation and attract attention.

A theme I always go back to when talking to customers is the landing page. The clickthrough needs to land on a landing page that delivers what the banner ad promises. So that when you do secure the click from the consumer, you make sure they get the information the consumer desires. So basically you need to ensure you promote a product or service and not a website / homepage!

This blog - sums up the value of a landing page quite nicely. While designing a campaign think about it as a whole, an ad makes the first impression, and a landing page is a continuation of this impression.

We also recommend that our clients don’t just have one version of the their banner ad. We always say to test the colours, the CTA or the headline and see what works in line with the branding of your business. The software we use (DFP) can handle more than one ad in the space you book, so it's always worth testing a few banners and seeing what performs best. The same can also be said of landing pages as well.

Thanks for reading, hope this short guide to what makes a successful banner is useful.

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Posted by on in Digital Dentistry

When running a marketing campaign we are told that landing pages are an extremely important part of the sales journey. This is still a true statement and something we always make clear to all our clients.

In this blog, I want to look at what happens when once you have a landing page created but it still isn’t converting in the way you desire, what mistakes are being made with the page and where could it be improved? I have identified a few reasons why the page may not be performing as you hope...

Social Proof

Reviews and testimonials are incredibly important. Reviews or testimonials will act as social media proof, so when a customer is looking to purchase, they will often look to others for cues concerning whether to make the purchase or not. So making the excellent reviews or testimonials prominent is certainly a good start to improving your landing page.

Being Clear?

Is your landing page actually clear enough? Have you explained what your business offers and how it is unique? Your landing page should always contain a clear description of what your company actually offers! The copy needs to be clear and not overly full of jargon and too many words.

Too Much Text!

Remember you only have 5 seconds to convince the person clicking on the site. This means the landing page must be focused on one single objective, which is clicking on your call to action (CTA). As I said before it needs to stay clear and direct. Not too much text but enough to get the message across. Focus on the benefit: this is what you will get by clicking here.

What is your USP?  

It is vitally important that you have a very clear and exciting USP. An exciting Unique Selling Proposition leads to people clicking on the CTA because they want to know more. Explaining your USP can work well either using a bullet list or a short, informative video, that gets the message across and leads to the results you desire.

Too many details.

If on your landing page you present a form in which you want your potential clients to share their details, make sure you ask only for the information that is really essential. If you want to send the prospective client a white paper about selling their dental practice, you only need a name and an email address. Focus on getting the essential details and achieving the result of someone engaging with your business.

Always be testing.

The only way to know that the content is persuasive, the video or images work and how successful the form is, you have to keep testing and tweaking the page. On a an optimised landing page, every aspect, should be tested to ensure you’re using the right option to maximize your conversion rate.

Thanks for reading and we hope you have picked up a few pointers to improve one of the most important sales funnels in a modern business.


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